Holiday Packages

Discovery culture

Immerse into and witness the essence of Cambodia – a country with a multitude of distinct cultures, formed over the centuries by the surrounding landscapes and climatic peculiarities! Discover the beauty of the people, their colorful festivals, and unique family traditions. You don’t need to be an ethnologist to wholeheartedly appreciate a visit and spend some time with local family as an experience of a lifetime. Our tours are outstanding in learning experience and getting to the heart of the people – sharing with you the natural spirit of a country that eludes the average tourist.

Adventure package tour

You aim for more than ‘just’ trekking or mainstream adventure and want to experience more of a country that is truly diverse and challenging when embarking on off the usual path.  Get to remotest realms of Kep, into the most of adventurous excitements you can imagine – no matter you’re traveling in a car, on a bike, a boat, or on foot. Our experienced guides can show you the surroundings that will award you with great adventure activities you may only have dreamt of.

A soft adventure for a family

A great selection of different activities in the South Coastal for all family. You will trek in the primary National Park and learn about the use of plants and trees collected from the jungle. You will stay in remote villages with a local people and explore the natural surroundings along the coast of Cambodia.