Special excursions

Thematic Excursions and Holidays

From our mainstream program of adventure and ‘eco’ tours, Kept Secret Tour has developed a group of purpose-built tours designed for the distinguished traveler, addressing professionals as well as those who share a desire to get in-depth information and experience in Kep area context. These highly interesting and thoughtfully prepared excursions are arranged in close collaboration with evidentially competent and renowned experts who also will serve as exclusive tour leaders.

Caving and discovering karst sites

The unique and often stunning scenery of limestone mountains is characteristic for much of South Coastal of Cambodia. These caves have their own flora and fauna too, adapted to the lack of light and a climate of constant coolness and damp air. A heaven for amateur and professional speleologists!

Naturalism, Wildlife, Flora...

If amazing and rare wildlife is your passion, follow our experienced guiding adventurers through the remote forests, Kampong Trach caves, rivers, and mountains of Kep. KST team has become expert in the best places to find wildlife.